Griffon® Jerrycans are the offers supreme features for all kind of liquid materials, We produce jerrycans kinding in mind all the customer requirements and are specially designed for high stacking requirements so that our customers inventory carrying cost plus the transportation cost is minimum.

While all MAUSER jerrycans offer ideal features for liquids, our Fassett® was purpose-designed for high filling weights and high stacking requirements. Concerning the individual needs in your production facilities we deliver the perfectly fitting resources you need.

State of the art Packaging Solution for your Quality Products

Griffon® Jerry Cans give you supply-safety and High-class Quality

Highclass Quality

1- Blow molded.

2- UN approved.

3- For all kind of liquid materials.

Product Range

Available Sheets Size: cfwedwsfdwefe

Available Sheets Color: cfwedwsfdwefe

Sizes available in Demand: cfwedwsfdwefe

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