Griffon Water Tanks

Our Tuff tanks are Produced with Brand Names Listed below, which are our registered trade mark:

01- Master Tuff Tanks

02- Grohe water Tank

03- Galaxy Water Tank

04- Atlas Water Tank

Brand Names:


Our water Tanks are made for indoor and outdoor usage. These tanks can be placed underground or can also be wall mounted in close/narrow spaces.

Size & Capacity:

We produce water tanks of various sizes from 200Ltrs To 8000Ltrs.

Special Feature of Our Water Tanks

01- It is made of imported LDPE, HDPE Polyethylene through rotational molding process.

02- It is made with Food Grade Material, which is light weight and easy to handle/install.

03- he raw material used in our projects have been tested by Pakistan council of Scientific & Research Lab complex, Lahore and have been found safe and microbiologically acceptable for human use.

04- Material is UV stabilized against sun rays.

05- Softening point of raw material is 107 degrees centigrade and battiness temperature is 70 degree centigrade.

06- Smooth Inner surface make it easy to clean and wash.

07- In/outlet Nozzles are made of brass which is completely rust proof.

08- All our Product are manufactured under registered brand names/registered trade marks.

Besides the products Mentioned above, We can also meet your special demands of sizes, shapes and Patterns to suite your Requirement.

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